How to Upload a Logo - Designer Scenarios

Ángel Madrid • August 4, 2020

How to Upload a Logo - Designer Situations

ANDn this post I want to transport you to some of the sensations and situations that designers have to face on a daily basis, it is not a complaint, but rather, a reflection with which I intend to raise awareness a little more to our dear and necessary clients to your logo won't be uploaded. Let's start with the blog post: How to upload a logo - Designer scenarios.

As designers ask us for help, since we are experts in carrying out the graphic idea of a project, the creation of a logo, etc. However, we find many times in which the client, once we have made their logo (for example), also becomes a "designer" (detect sarcasm), begins to give their opinion and make "their tweaks" to our creation. This is how it starts upload your logo.

The idea is simple

It is very simple, if you have gone to a professional (not a short / paste), he has dedicated his time, energy, experience, effort, along with research, training and determination, it is evident that the creations he shows you (being their criteria) are studied and thought through. For this reason, why are you uploading your logo? Let's examine the possible reasons.

Let's begin by examining these three premises (which are not the only ones) in which our "client" will come to upload your own logo.

The never satisfied syndrome

How to Upload a Logo - Designer Situations

This syndrome is more widespread than it seems, that is to say: when we as expert designers present a creation, the client has to give it "his touch". This consists of changing the font, tinting a color or making you spin something that was good from the beginning.

We could say that this type of client must be understood, perhaps due to his extensive experience as an entrepreneur has this characteristic of not agreeing with anything the first time, however, being very sorry, the designers do not agree with this weak justification.

Although I may be wrong, I am going to put a simile so that we all understand it: when this gentleman or lady is going to buy a brand new high-end car, does he question the quality of the vehicle? Do you ask the engineer to change the shape of the ashtray? Or do you suggest a new color that they don't have? Normally this will not be done, since it is evident that in this high-end vehicle the brand has previously thought about all this - it is curious but this type of people usually takes a luxury vehicle but denotes that they have no taste at all.

In the same way, before presenting a creation, a good designer will have previously consulted and studied the client, will have been guided by the language of colors to convey what the client wants with creativity and will have ensured that the creativity is unique and not plagiarized or registered. In addition, it will be in line with current trends, adapted for media and possibly with all the requirements to be able to carry out this creation on all types of media.

Well, this way some people upload their own logo: "Tweaking" the creation of a professional.

I've watched TV a lot

How to Upload a Logo - Designer Situations

And it is so, there are "clients" who throughout their lives have seen a lot of advertising in different media, and it is even possible that they have experimented with different of these and created campaigns in them. To all of them: congratulations.

Even so, this does not mean that the designer does not know what he is doing, on many occasions the client still lives the 20th century at the advertising level (and at other levels as well) so that criterion is not always valid. Trends change and customers or the target audience also, it is not the same to make an ad for a newspaper than a creative for social networks and thus could put a lot of similarities.

On other occasions, the aforementioned has too high expectations for his project, let me explain: it is when a businessman or businesswoman believes that his brand, company or project can be compared with some multinational.

Well, if you, as a client, have gone to a professional designer with a limited budget for "let's see what happens", it is more than evident that you will not get a creativity worthy of Coca-Cola, more than anything because brands like the one mentioned do not have to a designer but to a complete team of designers, these brands make visual, economic and strategic impact studies of such a creation and obviously the budget for all this is highly calculated and oversized in most cases.

This is another way to upload your logo: wanting it to be something bigger than it should.

I don't know what I want ... or yes ... or no ...

How to Upload a Logo - Designer Situations

In this sense it is the most disconcerting thing in the world for a designer, but sadly what happens the most.

We meet "clients" who explain their idea, business or project to us and then tell us: "I am in your hands"; at last! a client who believes in us and we will make a logo or creation worthy of everything you have explained to us, because, you trust us ...

As they say in the networks: Fail! And it is that, after having created a perfect design for our client, this tells us: "that's not what I wanted"

At that moment, in addition to wanting to kill him, we arm ourselves with patience and try to guess what he has on his mind; why designers are fortune tellers Of course, we know what our client thinks, if they have certain tastes, etc. (note my irony)

At that moment he makes it clear to us that his project is based on an exciting idea created at the bar of a bar with friends making a brainstorming improvised and with some alcohol in between. Or is it a revolutionary idea based on "none of that."

These "customers" should know that there are feasibility protocols for a product or business, that the competition must be studied, that we have to carry out a market study, a SWOT and many other procedures that will lead us to reliably create that brand or product.

And this is where we find the third premise of how to load a logo: we have no idea what we want.


If you are a designer you will agree with everything I have mentioned here, one piece of advice: patience, but never stop re-educating your clients, you have to be firm in your criteria and faithful to your creations.

On the other hand, if you are a client, keep in mind that if you ask a design professional for "help" it is very difficult for them not to put all their effort into your order, after all it will be their creation and their contribution.

And please don't load your logo ...

Angel Madrid